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 Q: Is the pillow included in my order, or is it just the pillow cover?

A: As of now, I am only offering zippered removable pillow cases. My idea is to provide multiple designs and colors to be swapped in and out, without my customer having to buy and store multiple pillows. 

  • The exception is our stuffed pillow rounds, which are sewn closed. 

Q: How do I wash and dry to best preserve the integrity of the cushion covers?

A: Each product page features washing and drying instruction under the product description. Washing with cold water and air drying is the safest way to care for your cushion covers if you are unsure of your fabrics. 

Q: What size cushion covers will fit my pillows?

A: You have options! Let’s say you have a pillow insert that is sized 18X18. You can buy a cushion cover of the same size (18X18) and it will fit comfortably, and create a softer feeling cushion. That same size insert can fit in a cushion cover sized down (16X16). This will result in a firmer and more full appearing pillow. 

All pillows should be squeezed when inserting into the cover, to prevent seams from ripping.

18x18 pillow insert in 18X18 cover (left) and 16X16 cover (right)

  Fold pillow insert when putting on cover.

Do you ship internationally?

A: Currently, we are only offering domestic shipping on orders to the U.S. We hope to offer a wider variety of shipping locations in the near future. 

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Items returned by mail within 30 days of ordering will receive a full product refund; shipping costs not included in refund.

Q: Do you provide custom orders?

A: Please email to discuss custom orders. We can fulfill custom orders after discussing the applicable fees based on the number of unique fabric orders.


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