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Spoiled Pork and Velvet

Colleen O'Leary | 05 December, 2020

            Spoiled Pork and Velvet

Hi everyone!

I hope you are staying safe out there! Thank you to those who shopped my Holiday Collection after the 11/20 launch :). While the Black Friday sales may be over, its not too late to snag some Cosies for your homes this season! We even have some designs that are seasonal friendly, so you don't have to worry about putting them away come January 1st. Although there are no rules this year, and you can definitely keep your holiday decor up as long as you want!

Go figure that the first winter in 6 years that I don't work retail, I can't travel to finally spend the holidays with family. Jimmy and I stayed home, which is admittedly very stress-free when the decision is made for you. Thanksgiving evening I went to pull the pork I had planned on cooking for dinner, and the package was grossly bloated with some meat-released gas. The refrigerator had broken and spoiled half the food in there :'). Insert Patrick Star "Now I'm going to starve" meme. Of course I dramatically had the "we might as well just not eat anything, dinner is ruined" attitude. Jimmy, being the least dramatic person I've ever met, offers to go out to find some place that is open to grab us something to eat. More places are closed on Thanksgiving than you might think. Which is great for the employees, but not great for my personal crisis. So shout out Whataburger for being open and saving the day with my fave Sweet n' Spicy Bacon burger (See blog post photo). 

Enough about me though! Some exciting (at least to me) business updates. I got a new printer and bought sticky labels online (shoutout Mackenzie for the tip) so now I can print out shipping labels at HOME.  I had previously been taking every package to the post office and waiting in line to get them weighed and shipped like a noob. I'm also so excited that my new little scale can weigh all my packages so that I now just have to print and drop them off. It's seriously a game changer/non-negotiable investment if you already have/are thinking about starting your own small business. I'm also very excited to announce that the next collection I'll be creating will be bring Cushion Cosies up to date with the latest home decor trend: Velvet! I seriously see it everywhere, and am in love with the statement of bright colored AND textured upholstery. So if you want to get in on the latest and greatest without shelling out $1500 on a new couch, you can add some sophisticated flair to your throw pillows! Rough estimation will be the week of Christmas.

If you are following me on IG (@cushioncosies), you may have seen that I'm also going to be offering a new pillow form size coming soon! The lumbar pillow, or 12X20, is the classic, short, rectangular pillow that is great for chairs and the center of a stack of bed/couch pillows. I hope you guys are just as excited for this as I am! With this business being new, I'm still learning what size is most popular/common in the every day household. Drop your pillow form sizes in the comments and let me know! I'm also always happy to receive requests/suggestions for upcoming designs, so don't be shy!  
Much Love,

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