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Colleen O'Leary | 01 November, 2020


It’s been a month since my last blog post; I promise I will try and be more active!

I’ve never considered making a blog before. I never knew what I would say, or if anyone would be interested. I hope during times like these, people can use my posts as a way to know that some people are experiencing the same small wins and losses as we navigate through the last few months of the year. For those of you who are already along for the ride, know that I’m still in the beginning stages of starting my business. There is no success story that you feel is unattainable, that it couldn’t be you. While I hope that can be the case one day, I’m still trying my best to grow my audience and show people the creations I have to offer! 

The scariest side of starting a small business: the uncertainty. 

I wouldn’t recommend launching a small business before moving, but I found myself in that exact situation this month. They say that with great risk comes great reward, but I wonder  what correlation actually exists between the two. Is starting a business inherently risky, or do tough times make people realize what it is they really want to do? Would I have started this business without the pandemic keeping me home, longing for some purpose to fill the time?

Enough philosophical questions. The title of this blog is “moving” (captivating, right)? While I’m doing some freelance administrative/social media work, I am investing a lot of time and energy into Cushion Cosies becoming a full time  job. I truly believe in the concept behind CC, and love the comfort and peace that home design brings. That said, without a full time income, I had to downsize and move in with my boyfriend. Moving from my studio apartment, to joining Jimmy in an even smaller studio, was not part of our original plan. With the future of our country, and my person business unknown, it was a decision made out of necessity. I am currently laying down writing this post as he begins the tedious task of unpacking the sea of boxes around us (I’ll do my part too, promise). 

Finding a “nook” to do my sewing here may prove challenging, but I have no choice but to persevere. I’ll keep you all posted as the next chapter of Cushion Cosies slowly writes itself. I’ll upload a pic of my new space (if it’s clean enough). Holidays are fast approaching, so be on the lookout for my upcoming winter collection. Hint: Think furry and cozy. Signing off for now, wish me luck! 

P.s. I don’t proofread my blogs to ensure they’re authentic. So apologies for any blunders.



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