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2021 Home Decor Trends

Colleen O'Leary | 01 February, 2021 | 2 Comentarios

            2021 Home Decor Trends

And....We're back!

I've taken a brief hiatus from blog posts because..well...I was not sure of what to talk about. And the thought occurred to me that maybe instead of waiting for things to happen in MY life and MY business to report on, I could do a little research and provide you guys with some trends and information on what interior design is looking like these days. I'll link my sources at the bottom of the page so that you can read on for yourself and also so I don't get sued :). area of interest is what's the latest and greatest in home accessories..i.e. throw pillows of course! 

My favorite thing about throw pillows is that you can use them to show off your personality, favorite colors, and interests (animal prints anyone?) While it is understandably intimidating to have a large statement piece, such as a couch, that could potentially go out of style the minute you buy them....pillows offer a little more cushion (haha) in the timeline of your statement pieces. 

And don't get me wrong, we love a good neutral cushion! Don't feel like you need something bright or flashy to show that you're a fun and chic person. It's all about what makes YOU feel at home. Moving on....

1. Grandmillenial-sound familiar? I talked a bit about this is my last blog post. Read more about it at the link below. 

 Also, as I attached the link above I had to open the blog post and dear lord....what a mess the layout was. As I said in the beginning. I do NOT proofread. Thanks to everyone who read it and also shame on you for not telling me how bad it looked!! It is now fixed so anyone who hasn't read it yet...forget I said anything. Grandmillienial style is basically your baby pinks and blues...some florals and fringes, but with an updated look! Imagine Dolores Umbridge-esque fabrics if she were cast in her own CW Harry Potter spinoff series-  younger/modern and unnecessarily sexy. 

2. Next up...Mudcloth prints

 Mudcloth Fabric

 I recommend being mindful of purchases of these fabrics, given that they carry a lot of cultural significance stemming from its place of origin (I believe to be) in Mali, West Africa. It's important to remember the difference between appreciation and appropriation, especially when buying "art" pieces. That said, it's not a style that I will be selling, but if you're inspired by African art and textiles check out the black-owned business below: 


3. Wildlife design...instead of just using the print of an animal (cow, leopard, zebra) think of having the actual animal printed on a pillow. As for me, I prefer just the faux fur pattern. Which, wouldn't you know....we offer at this very site!

4. "Arts and Crafts" Sounds weird, right? Think of patterns stitched onto a fabric instead of just printed in the fabric. I am VERY excited to try this one. I'm thinking, faces, silhouettes. Stay tuned for these designs to come. 

5. Color Blocking

Y'all. When I tell you that I love the look of this style, I REALLY love it. So much so that I absolutely had to try my hand at it. I was totally inspired by the look of linen with colored velvet, and made my own affordable version for my shop. Currently offered in three colors. 

Sapphire Blue Color Block Cushion

These come in limited sizes, but check out the lumbar version for a slightly different design. I'm most proud of these, as they take much more precision and patience than I am used to using. 

All velvet pillows are a continuing trend, which we offer in four colors. I'll let you check out the shop yourself instead of giving yet another link to click on. 

Thanks for reading, drop me a comment below and let me know what you think!




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09 July, 2021

Stevie Nicks

Interesting post! I expected 2021 to be a unique year for trends after the year we all had in 2020 (and how much time we spent at home), and it hasn’t disappointed.

Just a quick question. What are your favourite trends and which ones do you think have real staying power? I’ve been fascinated by bold use of colours and vintage pick ups lately and featuring both in my decor blogs –

Just wondering what your thoughts were :)

01 February, 2021


Great post!!!

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