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Holiday Hot Mess

Colleen O'Leary | 12 November, 2020

            Holiday Hot Mess

But really. I tried to get dressed in some cute clothes that I haven’t needed to put on in months, and ALL my jeans were too tight. It’s a conspiracy right? If you’re also struggling with weight gain from being home, you’re not alone. And it’s easier said that done, but just give yourself a pass for now. In the grand scheme of things, you’re probably doing a lot better than you think. If the worst part of your 2020 was some inevitable weight gain, reflect back on how accomplishing anything close to your old routines and responsibilities WHILE going through a pandemic under the shittiest President ever- is totally impressive. Also, sorry for the long and messy run on sentence, but my blog is where I give myself the grace to not obsess over being articulate and grammatically correct. But speaking of weight comes the Holiday season.

For one, things are obviously going to look a lot different. If anyone is planning on going to a big family gathering or party, let this be my last ditch effort to persuade you to keep it small. COVID is raging worse than my Dad when he found out Biden won the election. So keep your ass at ho ho home as much as possible (plz). 

ive had my fair share of sad holidays alone due to moving away from family, but treating them as just a regular day off (binging Netflix, sleeping in, eating your fave snacks) is a helpful tool to prevent yourself from having a pity party while scrolling through everyone else’s Instagram posts with friends and fam. Side note, if you’re over the age of 22, plz stop posting all your Christmas gifts after you open them. Unless it’s like a puppy. It’s weird, and you’re too old for that. Anywho, perhaps I should talk about my business now?


I’m SO excited for the Holiday collection that will be dropping at the end of next week. As a reward for skimming or reading every whiny word from the last two paragraphs and STILL continuing on, I’m going to reward you with some inside info about my big launch day next week. First of all, it’s my first “collection” release, which is a lot of work but will be very rewarding. As some of you know, I typically release one new design at a time. Next week I am dropping FIVE. The collection will include 3 holiday patterns (yes we are “politically correct” here) and two fuzzy textures. Keep in mind that i designed this collection with the idea of mixing and matching covers for lots of decoration combination. Think 3 prints, 3 different colored solid backings. 3 prints X 2 sides X 3 ..pillow? So 18 possible combinations?? Someone check my math. Or just take my word for it. Also...drumroll please......


My super awesome Black Friday sale will be live the same day my collection drops!! One week before the official Black Friday! The whole shop will be 25% off, so hurry and grab your fave designs before they’re gone! Since this is my first collection launch, holiday themed stock is limited, so don’t wait! Both will be live at 10am EST. 

I’d love you feedback on my blogs. Should I stick to business related posts? Or do you like me blabbing about myself too? Because wow this is fun! I think you can comment on my blog posts? Can someone try it out for me? I want to hear your thoughts! 

Time to get into some clean sweats for bed. 



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