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Colleen O'Leary | 21 December, 2020


I'd like to start by apologizing to the lovely stock photo model granny for crudely photoshopping a vape in her hand. I could not help myself. 

BUT-I did post some polls on our IG page the other day (follow us @cushioncosies) introducing some of you to the new "Grandmillennial" home decor trend. The name is actually more self-explanatory than you might think! Think of your grandma's house: the doilies, the florals, the wicker chairs- give that a facelift and voila! You have the grandmillennial. I'll be the first to admit, it does not sound appealing whatsoever. But hear me out! After seeing it put into practice...I can see the allure.







To dissect it simply, these are the key elements I've pulled away after my "research." As previously stated, soft florals are a huge hit. Now I know that our generation has shifted away from plastering every square inch of our homes with tacky wallpaper, but we millennials do love a good accent wall. Identify the focal point of your room, and consider making it pop with a bright, fun wallpaper as opposed to a different paint color. Baby pinks and baby blues are a staple in this revamped look. 

Wicker elements on tables and chairs are also a fun, lightweight addition to your interior decor. So hose down your patio furniture or head to your local flea market for an inexpensive way to hop on this trend! 

Can you spot the similarities in the chairs in these three photos? 



Definitely a throwback in design, but the smooth lines provide a sleek yet cozy feel to any room. These "sitting rooms" I've posted are totally conversation friendly, seeing as they provide an intimate circle allowing guests to face each other instead of a big screen. A bonus: ornate mirrors/unique frames. The great part about this trend is that it is, as many before it, a recycled look. Meaning this "old" stuff is definitely going to be cheap if you shop at thrift stores / yard sales. Do NOT buy the overinflated prices of new items that have been created to match the trend. Dare I say these accents are also reminiscent of the "cottage core" aesthetic that everyone is talking about on twitter. But I'm no expert. 


Honorable mention: Toile print

The "keep its" of this trend: ruffled skirting on couches and chairs. Plastic coating on armchairs. Mothball smells. 

TLDR-Old lady vibes, but make it chic. 

Still not convinced? Even the US Government is on trend! Paying its people $600 to stimulate the economy. When our grandparents were our age, that was the equivalent of approximately $4,000! 


Tell me your thoughts in the comments below. Anything you'd like to try?

Thanks for reading!


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